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Friday Market: West Patel Nagar


This blog is in line with our commitment to help you experience Delhi as a real Dilliwalla. Here I go.. Every locality in Delhi has a dedicated day for weekly market, though this concept is prevalent across the country in some form or the other, also known as Haat or Bazaar. In rural areas where availability of goods is not as easy, these markets serve the people with daily needs and also offer opportunity to trade locally produced...

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Anand Vihar Railway Terminal (Station)


It was my first visit to Anand Vihar Railway Terminal to see my mother off. Now, most of the east-bound trains start and end at this brand new terminal. I caught a metro from Patel Nagar destined to Vaishali and got down at Anand Vihar station. The Railway Terminal (Station) is visible from the Metro Station being at a higher level, and is connected with a bridge, which I realised only after following a longer way through main entrance. To...

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The Arrival at New Delhi Airport (Terminal 3)


At 0300 hrs, the Qatar Airways flight from Doha landed dot on time. I was apprehensive of infamous Delhi fog, but fortunately it was a clear sky in November...

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Hazrat Nizamuddin Station: Easy Cabs Prepaid Service


One of the most challenging things about Delhi is bargaining, you need to do this almost everywhere, and this is what I hate the most about the city.

That day I was to pick an elderly relative from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. After reaching the station, I was quite relieved to see the Easy Cabs counter at the eastern exit of the station, next to Comesum restaurant. Upon being asked I was sure I could book an...

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Delhi Radio Taxi Scam


I had heard great things about Radio Taxi (Call a Cab) service in Delhi which is being provided by Meru Cabs, Mega Cabs, Easy cabs and NCR Taxi. Now they have removed the prepaid counter for Meru cabs from Terminal 3 and as you come out you see the air-conditioned cars waiting in queue. A guys makes note of your name and phone number and tells you the number of the taxi you can board. The driver is enthusiastic and he loads the luggage in...

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Ishana Spa: Get Pampered Before You Take Off


After checking in and immigration at Terminal 3, we were bored of visiting the shops selling designer watches and perfumes (are they any different?), so my wife decide to take a nap before the Emirates flight to Dubai and we headed towards the departure gate. As soon as we went past the shopping area, a giant shaped Surya (the Sun) statue held my attention, which was a sheer delight to the eyes. This 4 meter tall...

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Camera Shopping in Delhi


For me buying a camera is a long and tedious process. Almost one and a half years back, I planned to upgrade to an SLR. After doing months of research I zeroed down to Nikon D5000. Nikon was my first choice despite being advised to buy Cannon by some of my friends, I just find the name and logo more appealing. I was waiting for the price to fall, and finally when it happened, I did another round of research. Guess...

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Paraathewali Gali (Paraatha Lane)


Location: 2 minute walk from Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) Sis Ganj, Chandni Chowk (Ask the rickshaw walla or a shopkeeper for direction) Metro Station: Chandni Chowk Best time to Visit: Morning 8 to 10 am When it comes to food, Delhi is a paradise, and no Delhiite is less than a God. Delhi food is highly influenced by Punjab, so an 8 inch ghee-dripping Paraatha is considered incomplete without a tablespoon full of melting...

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Delhi Metro Airport Express


I was almost sure to use Radio Taxi to reach Terminal Three from New Delhi Railway Station, but my friend persuaded me to use newly opened Airport Express. Now, I can’t thank him enough. Here are a few facts before I get into the details: Starts at 0600 hrs and operates till 2200 hrs (hours likely to be increased) From: New...

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