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You love it or hate it, but the experience in India will be etched in your memory forever. We at Water help you experience India- As It Is.


Our tour planners are avid travelers and have deep understanding of India's history, quirks, culture, custom and cuisine.


We show you the grand monuments and we also show you the nondescript temple visited only by locals. We take you to ultra-modern metro while you also snake around the alleys on a man-ridden rickshaw. You get to experience the new found confidence of the middle class and you also see the hope in the twinkling eyes of a slum child.


Our tours are aimed at breaking the stereotypes and helping you develop a new perspective.




Friday Market: West Patel Nagar


This blog is in line with our commitment to help you experience Delhi as a real Dilliwalla. Here I go.. Every locality in Delhi has a dedicated day for weekly market, though this concept is prevalent across the country in some form or the other, also known as Haat or Bazaar. In rural areas where availability of goods is not as easy, these markets serve the people with daily needs and also offer opportunity to trade locally produced...

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Anand Vihar Railway Terminal (Station)


It was my first visit to Anand Vihar Railway Terminal to see my mother off. Now, most of the east-bound trains start and end at this brand new terminal. I caught a metro from Patel Nagar destined to Vaishali and got down at Anand Vihar station. The Railway Terminal (Station) is visible from the Metro Station being at a higher level, and is connected with a bridge, which I realised only after following a longer way through main entrance. To...

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The Arrival at New Delhi Airport (Terminal 3)


At 0300 hrs, the Qatar Airways flight from Doha landed dot on time. I was apprehensive of infamous Delhi fog, but fortunately it was a clear sky in November...

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Delhi Radio Taxi Scam


I had heard great things about Radio Taxi (Call a Cab) service in Delhi which is being provided by Meru Cabs, Mega Cabs, Easy cabs and NCR Taxi. Now they have removed the prepaid counter for Meru cabs from Terminal 3 and as you come out you see the air-conditioned cars waiting in queue. A guys makes note of your name and phone number and tells you the number of the taxi you can board. The driver is enthusiastic and he loads the luggage in...

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